Byron Navarro

Senior Implementation Analyst

Byron Navarro is an Senior Implementation Analyst for Candello. He has more than 20 years’ experience in data analytics and information technology management. At Candello, he manages databases and has developed business intelligence strategies across several different platforms in the finance, retail, and manufacturing industries. Byron is the primary trainer of our ARW application. Prior to Candello, Byron was Director of Information Technology at three separate companies, where he fine-tuned the skill set he offers to Candello and our clients.

What gets me excited about work?
I have a great passion for working out solutions in a team setting, almost a family-style environment. Candello, abounding with very good people, allows me to do that for wonderful clients and for a substantive cause.

On the weekends, you’ll find me...
You can find me and my beautiful wife discovering new experiences with friends old and new, at a Boston museum or restaurant, on a rooftop deck or in a swimming pool, at a safari or on a boat. Sometimes, I’m writing a sonnet or playing a song on my guitar. Often, I’m deeply engaged in reading (I love books) or chatting with family and friends (I love them, too). Always, I’m enjoying the delicious food my wife (who’s a great chef) makes for us.

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