Through more than four decades of experience protecting the Harvard medical community’s clinicians and organizations, CRICO has established itself as a leader in medical professional liability (MPL).

The CRICO insurance program insures the Harvard medical institutions and their affiliates, providing coverage to 26 hospitals, 14,000 physicians, more than 300 other health care organizations, and in excess of 100,000 other clinicians and employees.

Through its uniquely neutral position within the Harvard medical community, CRICO has been successful convening clinical leaders from its member hospitals to discuss common areas of risk; reaching consensus on solutions that will be most effective in ensuring the safest possible health care environment for patients and providers. CRICO-supported researchers, armed with intelligence from the Candello MPL database, have pinpointed risk reduction solutions such as: simulation training, closed-loop communication, and checklists in surgical settings.

  • Closed MPL Cases
  • Clinical Guidelines

CRICO’s library of closed malpractice case studies are available to anyone interested in learning from past experiences. Patient safety program directors analyze cases from the clinical and claims perspective providing valuable insights to clinicians, risk managers, and hospital leaders.

Visit the CRICO Case Study library.

In addition, CRICO has developed Are You Safe? (AYS) case studies that are designed to help all members of a multidisciplinary team reduce the risk of patient harm in the course of diagnosis and treatment within their particular setting.

Are You Safe? topics include:

  • Closing the Loop
  • Partnering with Patients
  • Reliable Diagnoses

For a complete listing of Are You Safe? case studies, visit the Are You Safe? library.

The Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO) acts as a national convener of clinicians and health care organizations to promote patient safety. In response to emerging patient safety concerns and trends, new topics are addressed and published regularly.

The AMC PSO makes patient safety learnings available to the public as part of an ongoing commitment to improve patient safety across the continuum of care. These learnings have been published for public access in the form of guidelines, academic papers, and Patient Safety Alerts, all of which can be downloaded.

At the request of CRICO-insured institutions (all members of the Harvard medical community), and in conjunction with clinical experts from those health care organizations, CRICO produces and maintains evidence-based decision support tools for physicians and nurses whose patient encounters align with high-severity malpractice risks. These clinical guidelines, algorithms, and other tools are published and periodically updated to help clinicians identify risk-prone steps related to specific diagnostic or treatment processes, and suggest protocols to mitigate associated risks.

Available guidelines include:

For a complete listing of the decision support tools, visit the CRICO Clinical Guidelines and Algorithms page.

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