Candello Is a National Collaborative

We are a data collaborative of MPL insurers and health systems that contributes to a nationally representative database of MPL claims. Members use Candello to identify and address risks that lead to patient harm, malpractice claims and financial loss.

Candello solutions deliver an integrated suite of offerings that allow you to improve safety for your insureds, providers, and patients. Insights gained through our unique data, advanced analytics, and industry experts provide tangible clinical and business value.

Our Data

Learn from rich information organized in an intuitive structure. Candello’s national database of medical professional liability (MPL) cases is a robust patient safety learning engine, enabling all who contribute to and access Candello make better, data-informed decisions that can help save lives.

  • Mine 30+ years of claims and suits; open and closed; paid and unpaid
  • Enhanced annually by thousands of new cases
  • Candello comprises 33% of all U.S. MPL cases
  • Compare your experience to more than 550 hospitals and 200,000 physicians

See the power of our data

Candello Tools

Visualize trends and discover credible findings to inform decisions. Candello’s national database of MPL cases is a robust patient safety learning engine you can use to make better data-informed decisions that can help save lives.

  • Command
  • Discover
  • Compare
  • Explore
  • Discover: Like Claims

Learn more


Take advantage of our advanced analytics, strategic advising, and risk assessments to move forward faster.

  • Customized analysis
  • Leadership reporting
  • Advanced Analytics


What can we do for you?

Candello Convene

Collaborate with highly regarded peers to share data, solutions, expertise, and best practices. Join your Candello colleagues for members-only webinars, focused working groups and ad hoc access to their experience and expertise.

More benefits

The University of California partnership with Candello has reaped innumerable benefits. In addition to sharing the powerful MPL claims database and having meaningful data to share with our leadership and practitioners, we have enjoyed the benefits of sharing best practices with peers across the country.
University of California, Director, Professional Liability
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