Candello provides an integrated tool suite for identifying risk and improving safety for your insureds, providers, and patients. Insights gained through our unique data, advanced analytics, and industry experts provide tangible clinical and business value.
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Candello Command

Fast, intuitive, self-service dashboards give you a commanding view of exposures, trends, and peers

A clear visual design demonstrates how you are doing at managing claims, exposures, expenses, and risks, including comparisons with peer groups.

Four dashboards allow you to identify trends and peer comparisons for asserted cases, open cases, trended hot spots, and recent closed cases. Slice and dice these views by date, organization, peer group, clinical setting, and responsible service.

Built for MPL and Health System CEOs, CMOs, Risk and Safety Executives

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Candello Discover

Query decades of national MPL data in less than a minute

An intuitive search engine instantly pulling national data to:

  • inform management of adverse events and near misses
  • meet Joint Commission research and action planning requirements for RCAs
  • escalate and prioritize PCEs and claims
  • motivate change in clinical practice patterns based on credible data
  • present to, and teach clinicians, staff and residents
  • provide context around serious reportable events
  • identify national signals of emerging risks that have not affected you … yet.

Built for Risk Managers, Patient Safety Managers, Claims Managers, Clinical Educators

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Discover Tool Screens

Candello Compare

Drill into national data for detailed comparisons with peer organizations

Run deep and detailed comparisons of your MPL claims against de-identified peer organizations. Reports include:

  • Allegation Count
  • Allegation Incurred
  • Responsible Service Count
  • Responsible Service Incurred
  • Clinical Severity
  • Case Rate
  • Contributing Factors
  • Claimant Type
  • Indemnity Paid by Close Year
  • Expense Paid by Close Year

Candollo Compare enables you to understand and identify relative, role-based risk associated with aggregate and subsets of cases. For example, what percentage of my surgical cases involve post operative management failures, and how often do they have an indemnity payment relative to my specific peers?

Built for MPL and Health System Risk and Safety Managers and Analysts

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Candello Explore

Rich analysis of your own data made simple and flexible

Drill into your own coded cases to understand exposures, trends, and areas of highest risk at a granular level.

Examples of the questions that Explore enables you to answer include:

  • Are communication issues in internal medicine similar across our large practice groups?
  • Are there resident supervision issues within neurosurgery? How do these issues compare to our other services? Other hospitals in the system?
  • Which specialties are we doing a better job with peer-to-peer communication? What can we learn from them?

Candello Explore enables you to understand and identify relative, role-based risk associated with types of cases. For example, What level of risk do our OR PAs contribute to our orthopedic surgery cases?

Built for MPL and Health System Analysts and Risk and Safety Managers who are comfortable with data

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Candello Discover – Like Claims

Enabling claims managers to avoid overpayment when pricing cases for settlement

Allows claims managers to quickly and intuitively reach into their own data to extract “like claims” with similar characteristics as the one they’re managing. Doing so allows the claims manager to price cases for settlement based on the outcomes of many “like claims” to avoid over-payment.

Built for MPL claims managers and leaders

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Candello has the richest set of data in the United States with almost half a million coded cases as well as 33% of all MPL Claims in the nation.

Candello Community

All Candello members have access to our online community. Continue conversations from our calls or study groups or query the community on a challenge you are facing.


Candello Consulting offers you added expertise in clinical risk management support to insurance and health care executives, clinical leadership, and direct patient care providers.

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