Saving Lives and Money with Candello

Candello members use their access to extensively coded local and national data, advanced analytics and industry experts to save lives and money, proving there is safety in numbers. These stories of tangible value illustrate how to achieve real change with the right tools in hand.


Risk Assessment & for a Growing System

After acquiring a suburban community hospital and with plans for continued growth, Beth Israel Deaconess Network engaged Candello in 2012 to conduct a Risk Appraisal and Plan (RAP) to understand and address the patient safety implications of ongoing expansion.

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Leveraging  Newfound Clarity

Through its partnership in Candello’s national MPL benchmarking community, Constellation gained newfound clarity into team-based factors driving diagnostic risks and made operational improvements to support providers throughout the diagnostic process.

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Insights from MPL Data Lead to Improvements in OB & ED Services

After the 1999 IOM Report shone a light on the impact of medical errors in hospitals across the country, MedStar leaders sought to understand specific drivers of vulnerability in their hospitals and develop targeted interventions to improve care in high risk areas.

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From Focusing  on Anecdotes to  Relying on Data

Through its partnership in Candello’s national MPL benchmarking community, MIEC empowers its insureds to minimize risk by identifying underlying causes of adverse events in their specialty and pinpointing practice improvement opportunities.

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Well Prepared for a Potential Crisis

When complaints arose from opioid-reliant chronic pain patients whose PCPs retired or transitioned, UMASS leveraged its membership in Candello’s benchmarking community to quantify the potential clinical and legal risks.

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Reliable Capture of Risk

UC Davis needed reliable reporting and credible data vs. anecdotal accounts to prevent recurrence of error. Find out how Candello data directed them to create a checklist of adverse event factors they needed to analyze.

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