Jeremy Hutner

Jeremy Hutner

Senior Technical Project Leader

Jeremy Hutner is a Senior Technical Project Lead for Candello. Jeremy has been heavily involved with the onboarding of new members, converting their existing data,  configuring Candello’s systems and consulting with members to make best use of Candello’s suite of tools. He has worked on several projects automating the loading of client payment data. His prior roles have included: application development in a PC healthcare software company setting; traditional IT corporate reporting from PC, SQL and IBM Mainframe databases; and back-end web site development at a “.com” company.

What gets me excited about my work?
Being part of an organization committed to improving patient safety and hearing accounts of Candello’s efforts leading to improvements in patient safety.
Developing solutions for clients that helps them efficiently handle their increasing workloads.

On the weekends, you’ll find me...
Gardening seven months of the year, bicycle riding, playing the guitar and trying out Yotam Ottolenghi recipes in the kitchen


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