The April 2017 issue of The Journal of Anesthesia & Analgesia featured a Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) data-driven study identifying risks associated with implantable devices for pain management.


A Contemporary Medicolegal Analysis of Implanted Devices for Chronic Pain Management

Working with physician researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, our own Penny Greenberg (Senior Program Director) and Ellen Song (Business Intelligence Analyst) studied complications associated with intrathecal drug delivery systems and spinal cord stimulators. The researchers identified that deficits in technical skill, followed by deficits in clinical judgment, communication, and documentation, were prominent contributors to patient injury. With these insights, the study provides a road map for organizations to address these vulnerabilities and reduce patient harm.

Map of the United States of America that has written over it "350,000+ MPL Cases"

The study is a great illustration of the depth and breadth of the CBS database and the ability to leverage it to shed light on a rare, but serious complication. In addition to offering my congratulations to the team that worked on this study, I’d like to thank our CBS Community members for their important contribution to this work. It is because of their dedication and commitment to clinically coding and analyzing their medical malpractice data that we can collectively advance the patient safety movement.

I encourage you to access this article in Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia to read the full study (subscription may be required).

A Contemporary Medicolegal Analysis of Implanted Devices for Chronic Pain Management

Abrecht, Christopher R. MD; Greenberg, Penny RN, MS; Song, Ellen; Urman, Richard D. MD, MBA; Rathmell, James P. MD

Journal of Anesthesia & Analgesia:
April 2017 - Volume 124 - Issue 4 - p 1304–1310
doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000001702
Chronic Pain Medicine: Original Clinical Research Report

Written By
Katy Schuler, MSc
Katy Schuler was the Marketing Manager for CRICO Strategies.
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