Malpractice claims are more likely to succeed if documentation is insufficient, if an assessment was inadequate, or if something was not handled according to policy or protocol.

An article published in ED Legal Newsletter reviews findings from CRICO's 2020 Comparative Benchmarking Report, The Power to Predict. The article highlights the three main contributing factors from the report which were found to be most likely to result in an indemnity payment when associated with a malpractice case: assessment, documentation, and protocol. Example cases involving each of these contributing factors were discussed, as well as some strategies to help mitigate the risks involved in each factor. Jock Hoffman, Senior Editor at CRICO, and Dana Siegal RN, CPHRM, CPPS, Director of Patient Safety for Candello were quoted, describing the impact of the report's findings.

Read the full-text article which was published in the ED Legal Newsletter.

ED AssessmentAssessment, documentation, and protocols: All tied to ED malpractice payouts.

Assessment, documentation, and protocols: All tied to ED malpractice payoutsED Legal Newsletter. October 1, 2020; 31(10):109-111

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