This retrospective study, co-authored by Candello’s Penny Greenberg and CRICO’s Bianca Falcone, used the Candello database to analyze a nationwide database of malpractice lawsuits involving pediatric surgical patients to identify contributing factors in liability claims.


This retrospective study of the Candello database analyzed the contributing factors that may lead to malpractice claims stemming from the practice of pediatric surgery. The main issues identified through analysis of our data were related to failure to appreciate a relevant sign or symptom and the selection of an inappropriate therapy. These issues led to higher indemnity payouts, but can be combatted using preventative measures like systemic discussion of errors to highlight common pitfalls and continuous medical education. These tactics can also help reduce the practice of “defensive medicine” and ordering unnecessary diagnostic testing, which can be a driver of health care costs.


candelloresearch-pedsurgTrial and Error: Learning from Malpractice Claims in Childhood Surgery.

Prieto JM, Falcone B, Greenberg P, Sykes AG, Sisson WB, Gow KW, Ignacio RC. Trial and error: Learning from malpractice claims in childhood surgery. Journal of Surgical Research. November 2022; 279: 84-88.

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