Candello’s members and partners work together to improve patient safety.

Candello’s Members

Premium Collaborations. Supercharged by Candello data.

Sharing data, solutions, and expertise, Candello members prove that collaboration is a vital tool for improving patient safety. These organizations are transforming their individual investment in claims defense into shared data, insights, ideas, and solutions.

Candello’s community members are highly regarded health care organizations from across the United States. Each is committed to identifying safety risks in the most vulnerable parts of care delivery.

  • cassatt
  • constellation
  • cooper
  • crico-for-array
  • cricobch
  • cricobidmc
  • cricobwh
  • cricodfci
  • cricomgh
  • emprowaspri
  • hra
  • hrabronx
  • hramaimonides
  • hramontefiore
  • hramountsanai
  • mainehealth
  • medpro
  • medproprinceton
  • medproplico
  • medstar
  • michigan
  • miec
  • mlmic
  • simed
  • tdc
  • temple
  • uflorida
  • umaryland
  • unm
  • ucdavis
  • ucirvine
  • ucmattel
  • ucsd
  • ucla
  • ucsf
  • umass
  • univhospitals

Candello’s Partners

Shared goals. Synergistic approaches. Novel solutions.

Improving patient safety takes a team. Through analysis of their medical malpractice data, Candello members identify their vulnerabilities, and what’s behind them. The next phase involves identifying interventions that will help mitigate those vulnerabilities. Candello has helped numerous health care organizations reduce their loss exposure. We have seen interventions that work and want our community to be aware of these successful tools and services. To help spread the news, Candello has partnered with organizations that share our passion and dedication to improving patient care.


This partnership is to distribute a rapid infection prevention and control (COVID-19) essentials course.

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Our partnership with the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute is aimed at reducing medical malpractice risk and costs through improved handoff communications. Developed by clinicians for clinicians, I-PASS offers evidence-based methodologies, solutions, and services that have been proven to significantly reduce patient harm and help institutions of any size transform patient safety communication.


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