Can Guidelines Mitigate the Risk of Diagnostic Failure?

How well-developed clinical guidelines can provide an additional safety net against known medical malpractice perils and pitfalls.

Credible medical professional liability (MPL) data helps clinicians focus on the most significant areas of diagnostic risk. Well-developed clinical guidelines can provide an additional safety net against known MPL perils and pitfalls.

The Candello Annual Benchmarking Report, The Power to Predict, identified that malpractice cases with issues related to assessment failures are 85% more likely to close with payment, and that diagnostic failures (leading to breast and colon cancer) top the list of outcomes in these cases.

For 20+ years CRICO has produced guidelines based on MPL data, updating for emerging risks, refining focus as data teases out clearer risk issues, and marrying clinical guidance and risk management advice.

This presentation will explore the benefits of clinical guidelines to manage pitfalls in the diagnostic process, using CRICO’s Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer guidelines as examples. Panelists will describe their development and implementation, patient safety and risk management benefits, as well as the legal implications of guidelines in clinical practice.


  • Gretchen Ruoff, MPH, CPHRM, CPPS, Senior Program Director for Patient Safety, Candello
  • Dana Siegal, RN, CPHRM, CPPS, Director of Patient Safety, Candello
  • Jock Hoffman, Senior Editor, CRICO


  • This webinar is for clinicians, risk managers, patient safety and health care leaders, clinicians and insurance professionals including claims managers.
  • Physicians and care teams including advanced practice clinicians
  • Health care executive leaders and board members
  • Risk managers
  • Medical professional liability insurers
  • Patient safety leaders
  • Other clinical and administrative team members

Candello members may also access the recording through the online Candello Community.

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