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Thank you for your request. The data profiles in these slide decks contain clinical elements and analysis selected to provide insight and perspectives on key risk areas, as well as affording a view of the overall medical professional liability landscape.

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All Cases: National Overview

Surgery, medical, and diagnosis-related cases are the most common types of cases, while OB are less frequent but among the most costly.

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Surgery-related Cases: National Overview

Surgery-related cases are the most common case type in the Candello database, with surgical performance and improper management being the most common surgical allegations.


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Diagnosis-related Cases: National Overview

Diagnosis-related cases are the most costly case type in the Candello database, and nearly one-third of these cases involve missed cancer diagnosis.


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Obstetrics-Related Cases: National Overview

Obstetrics cases do not occur frequently, but when they occur the resulting injuries and costs are frequently high.

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