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Strategies for Patient Safety (Monthly)

Interested in rich, bite-sized education for your community? Sent directly to your (and your community’s inbox) and customizable to your organization’s branding, Strategies for Patient Safety, developed through CRICO, is a monthly publication exploring learning opportunities from Candello’s database.

Some past topics:

  • Who’s Running the Code? Improving Communication in Health Care
    Medical simulation technology is an effective way to address one of the leading causes of sentinel events: miscommunication among providers.

  • Lawsuits are Not Always Over When the Verdict Comes In
    The impact of a suit can be emotional as well as financial.

  • The Diagnostic Multiverse
    Medicine has its version of the multiverse: differential diagnosis. For any patient with signs and symptoms and test results that don’t fully confirm a precise diagnosis, creating a differential diagnosis is considered best practice.

Illuminating Risks (Quarterly)

Candello’s national database is a powerful educational resource from which illuminating insights and meaningful education are derived.

Candello’s members-only quarterly publication, Illuminating Risks explores overlooked or under-analyzed clinical risk topics, with comparative data, case studies, and actionable recommendations.
Available only through Candello Convene, our member community.

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