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As an organization…

  1. Become a full Candello Data Partner. If your organization wants to move clinical and financial needles using the full depth and breadth of Candello data, become a data partner to access the inherent value of our national data collaborative. Leverage Candello’s taxonomy, data, tool suite, and community of peers to advance your organization’s use of its own and others’ data to reduce patient harm and financial loss through claims, underwriting and financial analytical tools and models to help with pricing cases for settlement, reserving, predicting indemnity payments, and using experience adjustments to determine premiums.

  2. Quickly establish a data relationship with Candello Accelerator. If you’re interested in a measured approach to grow and expand your organization’s use of data and tools, we offer the Candello Accelerator. Your organization gets immediate access to the Candello Community, national data, and rapid, high-level coding of your cases to provide a baseline analysis of your experience compared to your peers, as well as 24/7 access to executive dashboards.

As an individual (or organization)…

  1. Get Candello Discover. Delivering first-time access to national data … in 60 seconds or less! Our new web-based tool, Candello Discover, provides first-ever access to national, aggregated, de-identified data for those who do not contribute data to Candello. By joining as a Candello Discover member, you receive exclusive, unlimited 24/7 access to data to assist with Root Cause Analyses, near misses or PCEs, communicating with clinical chiefs, executives and your Board, educating clinicians and medical students, and more. Discover saves users hours of precious time by quickly providing answers about adverse events and claims required by leaders, clinicians and regulators like The Joint Commission and state department of health. Free demos and group discounts are available.

  2. Join our exclusive Candello Community. Candello’s national data collaborative is an exclusive community of your peers; MPL and health system leaders. As a community member, you will have access to these peers, webinars, convenings, publications and other content derived from Candello data. Share best practices, learn from subject matter experts and network in a private and secure platform – through our site or our mobile app. Group discounts are available.

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