Protect Your Patients and Your Bottom Line

Medical malpractice used to be a budget line item. Now it can be a budget buster. The fear of an 8 or 9 figure MPL case has never been greater. Join Candello to access the industry's best data, analytics, and expertise to get ahead of your patient safety and financial risks.

Why Candello?


Rich Data

Few events in health care are as closely investigated and analyzed as a medical malpractice case. Candello helps you leverage that rigor to prevent repeat events.


Meticulous Coding

Because Candello codes every case the same way, you get unmatched and reliable clarity about what went wrong and why, whenever you analyze our data.


Advanced Analytics

When you apply Candello’s tools and methods, you’ll be able to target patient safety interventions, manage claims, price cases for settlement, set reserves, and price premiums with greater confidence, precision, and consistency.


Peer Collaboration

Candello’s peer community of leading MPL insurers and health systems has been sharing and collaborating around data for more than 20 years.


Actionable Insights

Make informed, precise, confident decisions to protect your patients and providers.

The Candello Way


One person using data in isolation has limited potential. But many people using data together can make change happen. Candello works because health system and MPL insurance executives, risk managers, claims managers, and clinicians are putting tragic malpractice cases to good use. Together we gain valuable wisdom and actionable insights to reduce patient harm and financial loss.

These are the people who join Candello.

…Using Data

Candello is unlike any other MPL data source. It is built on a highly-governed taxonomy as the shared language among data contributors. With one third of all U.S. open and closed malpractice cases, including those closed with and without payment, Candello analyses leave no stone unturned. Pulling from this dynamic source of knowledge, Candello users employ analytical models and services to inform their clinical, insurance, and business decisions.


Candello offers you more than a database—we are a community of learning. In addition to monthly calls and webinars, our robust online platform enables you to build collegial relationships within the community, sharing best practices and learning from each other.

Join Our Community

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